Google Advertising

Price Digital Solutions works with you to maximize the use of your Pay Per Click dollars with Google Ads. Our team works to generate sales through your shopping campaigns, giving you time to focus on other important aspects of your business. Our hard work and expertise have translated into millions of sales for our clients. Whether you just need Google Ads Search or an integrated Google Shopping PPC Ads and Remarketing campaign, we have you covered.

Facebook & Instagram

Turn millions of Facebook and Instagram users into customers with highly customized paid social marketing campaigns. Using Facebook and Instagram’s advanced targeting technology, our paid social expertise helps you reach new audiences and re-engage customers who’ve already visited your site.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is a free tool that shows you what happens after a customer interacts with your ads — whether they purchased a product, signed up for your newsletter, called your business, or downloaded your app. When a customer completes an action that you’ve defined as valuable, these customer actions are called conversions. This is the best way to track ROI on your ad spend. While intimidating to some, Price Digital Solutions can set this up on your website.