Let us handle it:

Need a logo for your business? Have an idea but struggling with how to get it created? What about all those file formats that are needed for different projects? Price Digital Solutions is here to help! We can create a logo design that is a perfect match for your business. No pre-made logo templates. Unique designs only.

How it works:

We work with you to get the perfect logo designed for your business. We start by figuring out what ideas you have for your logo. What colors do you like? What is the focus of the business and what are you trying to portray within your design?

Once we have some basics questions answered, we go to work. You will get several design concepts with different features based on your requirements. Working together we will narrow down the choices by finding elements you like in the concepts.  We have found that this is a successful approach that gets you the logo you want and in a short time frame.

File Formats:

Once your design if finalized, Price Digital Solutions will send you every file format you will need. Using your logo on a billboard? Need to send the design to the apparel printers? You will have all the formats needed for various types of media. We also keep your logo on file just in case something comes up and you need something unique.

Logos we have created: